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All our indoor chairs in rattan or Lloyd loom, natural or coloured, by KOK, the French rattan furniture specialist for three generations.

The rattan chair, KOK MAISON’s speciality since 1920

For us, a good rattan chair should be, above all, a good chair. It is not enough that it is made of “rattan”. It must be as comfortable and robust, if not more so, than a chair made of any other material. Consequently, we pay particular attention to the quality of the assembly and to comfort. As a result of our many years of experience, we have the backrest inclinations, cushion thicknesses and seat depths that have made KOK rattan seating famous for almost a century now. Because rattan is a flexible material, we know how to work with this flexibility to provide the extra comfort that will distinguish a KOK rattan chair from any other.

The KOK rattan chair explores the possibilities of the material

There is indeed rattan and rattan, and consequently, there is the rattan chair and the rattan chair... Rattan can be exploited in its primary form, as a rod covered with its natural bark, with different diameters and colours depending on the variety (there are more than 300 species of rattan). In this category, you will find our Valérie chair. Then, we may “peel” the natural bark of the rattan to make well-calibrated flat laces (splits) that we weave over a rattan structure, as we do for our Bagatelle chair. The central part of the rattan rod can then be “spun” into small filaments of varying diameters, which are called rattan core, and which will also be woven over a rattan structure such as our Albertine chair. Finally, with split rattan, we can weave directly onto wood, teak in this case, for our superb Saigon chair.

A rattan look-alike, Lloyd Loom weaving in the spotlight at KOK

Often confused with rattan, Lloyd Loom weaving is quite different: woven mechanically, rattan is woven only strand by strand and by hand. Lloyd Loom weaving is based on Kraft paper twisted as is or around a steel cable for the vertical parts (the warp). Extremely durable, flexible in use, soft to the touch, it must, nevertheless, be painted. KOK offers several models of chairs in Lloyd Loom, in a dozen pastel colours. We lacquer the Lloyd Loom chairs to order in our workshops in France, which takes about ten extra days.

Rattan or KOK Loom chairs are not garden chairs

Rattan and Lloyd Loom weave naturally find their place indoors, in the dining room, on the veranda or in the conservatory. Both materials can withstand temperature and humidity differences very well but are not suitable for prolonged exposure to the weather. KOK MAISON has developed a whole range of synthetic rattan specially designed for outdoor use, which we invite you to explore in the corresponding sections.