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The rattan armchairs of the Gingko collection are of record strength and lightness thanks to the "Tohiti", a small diameter yet exceptionaly dense variety of rattan. By combining volutes, arche and braces, we obtain a feather weight piece of furniture (just over 2 kg for adult armchairs, and about one kg for kid chairs).Designed by Lauriane Beaunier and Aurélien Veyrat, the Gingko range is inspired by traditional techniques for producing Indonesian rattan armchairs, only implementing what material is strictly necessary. A vernacular "green" approach very much in tune with modern times. The slender lines of the Gingko rattan armchairs have however nothing minimalist about them. The opulence and interplay of arcade patterns, combined with the blond tones of the natural rattan and the tight weaving pattern of the seats, make Gingko rattan seats exclusive items.