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Continuing its revival of Vintage rattan collections, KOK MAISON presents here the Riviera collection, featuring thick-diameter rattan poles, typical  of the 70s and 80s. Sharing with the Saigon collection the open cane webbing of the coffee tables lower shelf and back rest of the seats, the Riviera range is nevertheless resolutely contemporary. We have taken care to treat the surface of the rattan canes as naturally as possible. Partial removal of the bark leaves the original knots visible as well as the beautiful grain of the rattan fibre while softening and smoothing the surface of the pole. A slight amber toning is added to even out the colour before applying a satin varnish. Strongly built and curvaceous, Riviera does not skimp on materials: large diameter rattan, refined cane webbing, high resilience foam comfy cushions, which making has been relocalised in France, allowing a choice of velvet upholstery, or customer's own material. A level of quality rarely seen these days in cane furniture. Riviera is definitely meant for indoor use. A verandah or a conservatory of course, but also the living room, where it will perfectly blend with more formal ambiances, bringing its touch of natural charm.  State of the art, classic and timeless collector's pieces of furniture.