Riviera rattan 

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Continuing its exploration of Vintage rattan collections, KOK MAISON presents here the Riviera collection, which revives the large-diameter rattan canes of the 70s and 80s. Linked with the Saigon collection, from which it borrows the open cane on the coffee tables, these Riviera items are, nevertheless, resolutely contemporary. We have taken care to treat the surface of the rattan canes as naturally as possible. Partial removal of the bark leaves the original knots visible as well as the beautiful veining of the rattan fibre while softening and smoothing the surface of the cane. A slight amber colouring is added to even out the colour before applying a satin varnish. Riviera is strong and curvaceous and does not skimp on materials: large diameter rattan and refined cane work, of a quality you don’t often see these days. It contrasts with the more slender and airy style of vintage rattan from the 50s and 60s and is resolutely aimed at indoor use. The veranda, of course, but above all the main rooms of the house, where it will not be out of place as an addition to a living room with leather or other contemporary furniture. Collector’s items, classic and timeless.