Rattan mirrors

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Seven vintage-inspired rattan mirrors, replicas from genuine KOK period designs

The vintage rattan mirror in the spotlight

All the rattan mirrors you see on our site have been reproduced using the designs we’ve been keeping safe in our attic. They had their heyday in the 60s. Manufactured at that time in our Halluin factory, they were shipped by the lorry load to department stores in Paris and by rail to other parts of France. Light, affordable, and furiously trendy at the time, natural rattan furniture was making a strong comeback thanks to the vintage craze. Even though the cult Corbeille bed and the iconic Coquille armchair are particularly in demand, the rattan mirror is still the star of the show for vintage enthusiasts. It doesn’t take up any space and transforms the atmosphere of a room all by itself, for a modest budget.

KOK rattan mirrors are genuine replicas

These favourites in rattan, often fondly remembered from our childhood, are perfect replicas of the best-sellers from the House of Pierre KOK & Cie in the 60s. To give credit where credit is due, the Soleil mirror alone symbolises the carefree and relaxed attitude of the thirty-year post-war boom. The “sunray” motif was already in widespread use for decorative metal accessories and was naturally revisited by the rattan craftsmen who were usually more comfortable with curves. The Soleil rattan mirror was very soon made available in a larger format, the Planète model, and in an oval shape, the Ellipse mirror, directly inspired by the famous ORTF clock, well known to the over-fifties.