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All the charm of an openwork weave in ultra-fine resin (2 mm), created in the spirit of the wicker chairs of the Belle Epoque.             

Garden furniture Biarritz, featuring “haute couture” workmanship

The skills and expertise of the master weavers who work for KOK in Indonesia have allowed us to produce this exceptional range with its finesse and manual mastery. The high-density polyethylene resin, extruded in creamy beige monochrome, is stretched vertically, perfectly plumb, over a powder-coated aluminium frame. Then comes the actual weaving (the horizontal strands), adjusted to the nearest mm. Several days of work for a single garden chair, but the result is a little marvel of romanticism and refinement. The cushions are removable, and the covers can be washed in cold water, the coffee tables can be fitted with a cut-to-size glass top as an option. Almost like lacework...

An openwork pattern typical of wicker weaving techniques

The wicker armchairs that were extremely popular in the belle époque had to be woven quickly and well, and the robustness of the material meant a “full” weave was unnecessary, except for aesthetic considerations. Everybody can visualise very well what a wicker mannequin, for example, made entirely of openwork, can look like. Armchairs were built on the same principle, with a few rows of weaving at the top and bottom, to start and finish them off properly. This “impasse” when it comes to the actual cost has become characteristic of an entire generation of wicker chairs and is nowadays synonymous with elegant romanticism and good taste. So, of course, there is no wicker in the Biarritz range, but instead, a contemporary, synthetic rattan interpretation of this original way of weaving.

Garden furniture is not necessarily synonymous with contemporary design

Even though KOK also offers contemporary lines, such as Végas or Tobago, it is in the DNA of our old-established company, founded in 1925, to pay homage to time-honoured techniques and retro lines. Besides, not everyone has an architect-designed house with huge bay windows... Old orangeries, winter gardens and ironwork pergolas, lovingly pampered by their owners, deserve functional furniture that respects their authenticity.