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KOK rattan furniture

KOK Maison, the French specialist in rattan furniture for three generations

KOK Maison, the French specialist in rattan furniture for 4 generations…

4 generations, so far! When Pieter KOK settled in France in the 1920s, he was already the heir to a long family tradition of rattan furniture manufacturing in the Netherlands. Marion, his great-granddaughter, joined us at the end of 2015, to help us complete a century of know-how and passion at your service.

Rattan zoom - BOUCLE armchair

The specificity of KOK rattan furniture

A KOK rattan chair or piece of furniture is above all a matter of comfort and uncompromising quality. Where others see rattan as an exotic and cheap material, we have always been keen to express its nobility and to design rattan furniture as top-of-the-range furniture. The ergonomics of the seats have always been our strong point, and you feel good in them. Similarly, our designs reflect the discreet charm of old-fashioned rattan or wicker furniture, rather than the unbridled exoticism or rather dry design of contemporary furniture. Comfort, curved work, noble materials and refined finishes are the hallmarks of KOK rattan furniture.

SAIGON collection

BAGATELLE collection

The durability of KOK rattan furniture

True to our tradition of reliability and quality, we provide after-sales service, spare parts and repairs whenever possible. Designed to last, KOK rattan furniture is passed on from generation to generation, if it is correctly used and well maintained.

KOK, rattan furniture of yesterday and today

Our retro ranges trace the history of rattan furniture. The 1900s with our Bagatelle collection in the spirit of the Belle Epoque café. The 20's-30's with the emblematic Grand père collection, so characteristic of French rattan furniture. The 50's and 60's with the vintage rattan that connoisseurs buy at flea markets. The 90s then saw the rise of woven rattan.

Firmly anchored in the present, and eager to project itself into the future, KOK Maison launched the Orchid Edition programme in 2020, a challenge to a team of young French designers, consisting of renewing the graphic codes of rattan furniture without betraying the specificities of the material, and drawing inspiration from proven traditional techniques. This French-style rattan design has met with great success, particularly abroad, where our creative efforts are appreciated.

KOK Maison also offers a complete selection of garden furniture in synthetic rattan

Aluminium structures, synthetic resin weaving and removable cushions, our synthetic rattan chairs, sofas, tables and garden loungers can be left outdoor without any restriction. The texture of our resin has been studied to create the perfect illusion of real natural fiber . Our garden furniture can thus also be used indoor, with all the advantages of easy maintenance, and heavy duty reliability of outdor furniture.

A complete matching range of wicker furniture

More recently, KOK Maison has had to re-evaluate its traditional business model, based on imports from Asia (home of rattan). Supply difficulties, container prices, geopolitical uncertainties, the trend towards relocation also concerns us. We have returned to a material that is far from new, wicker. Local (close to Europe), natural, renewable, in 2022 it made a royal entrance into the KOK range, regaining the place it had at the very beginning of the company's history, when we were still called "Dutch Wicker".

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