Supply difficulties

The explosion in container prices is having a major impact on our business. For all the items that are out of stock, the restocking time is very uncertain. The stocks are updated as regularly as possible to help you.

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KOK rattan furniture

KOK Maison, the French specialist in rattan furniture for three generations

Three generations, at the very least! When Pieter KOK moved to France in the 20s, he was already the heir to a long family tradition of rattan armchair manufacturing in the Netherlands. Marion joined us in 2015, and so now we have the fourth generation. A century of expertise and dedication at your service.

What’s so different about KOK rattan chairs?

A KOK rattan armchair or chair is above all about comfort and quality with no compromises. We have taken great care with the ergonomics and finishes of our products, treating them as if they were made of leather or solid oak, while many others are content to treat rattan as a cheap and exotic material. Our rattan seats are not just about looks, they are also extremely comfortable and designed for everyday use. At the same time, our ranges are timeless, suited to the habitat of our regions and created with shapely curves. This cosy, sophisticated yet discreet charm is the true trademark of KOK rattan furniture.

A piece of KOK rattan furniture, the guarantee of sustainability

In keeping with our tradition of reliability and quality, we provide an after-sales service, with spare parts supply and repairs whenever possible. Designed to last, a piece of KOK rattan furniture can be passed on from generation to generation.

KOK, all about rattan furniture, and much more

Our retro ranges retrace the entire history of rattan seating.

The 1900s with our Bagatelle collection, which captures the cafe terrace spirit of the Belle Epoque. The 20s and 30s with the iconic Grand-père collection, so characteristic of French rattan. The 50s and 60s with the vintage rattan that connoisseurs are snapping up at the flea markets. Our current ranges, more timeless, feature woven rattan, not forgetting our delightful selection of baskets in rattan core.

A full selection of synthetic rattan garden furniture

With their aluminium frames, synthetic resin weave and removable cushions, all our armchairs, sofas, tables and garden loungers can be left outside whatever the weather. The texture of our resins is so well designed that the illusion of a real natural product is perfect. This means that our garden furniture can also be used indoors, in the living room, conservatory or dining room, with all the benefits of easy maintenance.

A complete and coordinated range of furniture in recycled teak

Teak furniture and rattan seats have always looked good together. Curves and lightness for rattan, straight lines and robustness for teak. KOK has selected a range of essentials for you to complement our selection of rattan: dining tables, coffee tables, sideboards and accessories, all in beautiful natural recycled teak, hand-brushed to accentuate the grain of the wood.

Lloyd Loom weave, a cousin of rattan

This machine-made weave, based on steel cable wrapped in kraft paper, is exceptionally strong and easy to weave around a rattan structure. A Lloyd Loom chair or armchair recalls the iconic style of the English liners of the 30s and can be easily lacquered. We offer them in a selection of 12 pastel colours.