Magalie rattan chair

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The Magalie rattan chair in just a few words

Our Magalie natural rattan chair, is very mobile: light, strong and stackable, it will follow you effortlessly from the living room to a covered terrace, by way of the conservatory. It is amazingly comfortable, even without a cushion. We manufacture it for intensive use with large over-sized rattan canes and almost no binding (THE weak point in every rattan furniture). Ecolodges and farmhouses : here is the seat that mixes natural feeling, comfort and owners' serenity. The small extra cost of this reinforced structure will be quickly redeemed compared to another rattan furniture.

A little bit of history

This model is the uprise and armrestless version of the Olivier amrchair, designed in the 60s and manufactured by the La Vannerie Caladoise, the traditional basket makers (in Anse in the Rhône) until 2005, when KOK took over, with their agreement. The Magalie rattan chair is the cousin of the Bruno model, and shares the same specifications: initially developed for the terraces of coffee houses and brasseries in Lyon, it had to be simple to manufacture, stackable, comfortable, and above all robust enough for intensive use: few bound joints and easy to repair, an unbleached rattan frame, more resistant to weather, a reinforcing cross placed very low down, and arch shapes and reinforcements everywhere.

Features and options

Frame and bindings in natural unpeeled rattan, 4 nylon glides, one under each foot, height 85 cm x width 50 cm x depth 60 cm, seat 45 cm from the ground, weight only 3.5 kg. Indonesian manufacture.

Our Magalie rattan chair can be completed by the addition of a cushion specially designed for it, available in grey and guaranteed to be colourfast (UV resistant). Customer fabric available for this product. Contact us for more information. You can use it with our sofa and armchair, built on the same logic (no armrest).

You can use it during summer under a covered terrace but must avoid rain, direct sun, cold and humid cold (keep it indoor during winter).