Rattan & wicker armchair 

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    grandfather's rattan armchair high back rest
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      children's rattan armchair
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        grandfather's rattan armchair low back rest patinated
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          grandfather's rattan armchair low back rest patinated
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            The rattan armchair Nantucket natural
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              Over 20 models of rattan armchairs in all styles for the home or the veranda. The great speciality of KOK MAISON, for three generations.

              KOK rattan armchairs, quite a history...

              One of the advantages of our long standing in the trade is the formidable hindsight we have over the history of rattan furniture, marked by successive periods that are very different in terms of style, but which are all still relevant today. From the belle époque style of the early 1900s, recently brought back to the forefront with our “Bagatelle” chairs, to the “vintage” style of the 60s, via the Lloyd loom style of the Roaring Twenties and along with the incredible Emmanuelle armchair, KOK also offers more contemporary lines with our latest Saigon collection. While each collection is distinctive of its era, they all possess a strong character individually and fit easily into our interiors today.

              Why rattan is an interesting choice for an armchair

              Rattan is a flexible and dense material that lends itself well to all types of bending and can be used in its natural “branch” form. This tubular form is the most efficient in terms of the resistance of the material and allows exceptional strength with a smaller diameter. A rattan armchair, vintage or not, will not only be lighter (physically and visually) but also less rigid than an armchair made of other materials due to the natural flexibility of its fibre. Rattan is the ideal material for an occasional chair that must combine comfort, versatility, compactness and ease of movement. The warm, natural look of its bark will also add a plant-like and exotic touch to our contemporary and sometimes a little (too) austere and hard-surfaced interiors.

              A rattan armchair (well made) is not an inferior product

              Contrary to popular belief, rattan does not necessarily mean cheap. Rattan is rather like tea or coffee. The word covers many varieties and origins. From the very young to what could be referred to as a “grand cru” the prices vary widely. The noblest varieties, for example, cost more per square metre than ebony or rosewood. We are only talking here about the prices of the raw materials, which come from the forest. Then the costs of processing must be added. The manufacture of our rattan armchairs is still carried out by craftspeople and is very labour-intensive. Sometimes it takes several days to weave a single piece from start to finish. And finally, for all the ancillary components, cushion foams, covering fabrics, varnishes and patinated finishes, and including the cartons used for packaging, we do not skimp on quality. In short, a KOK rattan armchair has nothing in common with some of the cheaper products on the market, which may not last as long or be as comfortable. And that leads us to say that, when it comes down to it, “the bottom end of the market is expensive”.