Boucle rattan armchair

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The Boucle rattan armchair in just a few words

Inspired by the lines of the 50s and 60s, the BOUCLE collection in natural rattan is nevertheless a genuinely contemporary creation. Maxence Boisseau and Nelson Alves, from the AT-ONCE studio, were given complete freedom to revisit the aesthetic codes of vintage rattan. Just like the wicker mannequins of yesteryear, the rattan craftsman curves each ""loop"" by hand to place it at regular intervals and create a profile.

A little bit of history

You would think our Boucle rattan armchair was straight out of a vintage furniture specialist's catalogue, but it never existed in the 60s and 70s. And there’s a good reason for that... Amused by the return to popularity of our bestsellers during the thirty glorious years, we wanted to launch a team of designers and set them off in the footsteps of the rattan of that era, to create an original model ""in the style of..."". The graphic codes of a rattan armchair of that period were: a natural unpeeled rattan frame, all the curves that the legendary flexibility of rattan allows, and the ""filets"" the small vertical sticks that give the armchair its shape and, ultimately, its comfort. Maxence Boisseau and Nelson Alves, from AT-ONCE studio, free of any preconceived idea, were inspired by our traditional period models, spent a long time in our workshops and among our raw material stocks, and were then present as our artisans constructed the first prototypes. They needed this immersion in the workshop, far from the drawing board, to grasp the quintessence of what rattan can do. Their original contribution was to use rattan sticks not only to improve the ergonomics of the seat, but also to give volume to the armrests. Each ""Boucle"" or loop is bent by our rattan craftsmen by hand and placed at regular intervals, like the ribs of an aircraft. An exceptional product.

Features and options

Overall dimensions: height 97 cm x width 82 cm x depth 92 cm, seat height 36 cm, seat width 42cm, seat depth 45cm. Delivered assembled, non-stackable, weight 8kg. Structure in natural unpeeled rattan, transparent matt cellulose varnish. All 4 feet are finished with small nylon studs. Indonesian manufacture. This rattan armchair is so comfortable that it can be used without a cushion. For a more cosier feel, you can add a throw or a blanket.