Natural Rattan Headboard MAHARAJA

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The Maharaja Rattan headboard in two words

The Maharaja rattan headboard is the re-edition of an old model that was very fashionable in the 70s. The delicate scrolls, a real rattan lace, are inspired by Hindu motifs and rise high against the wall to transport you into the magical atmosphere of the Maharajas' palaces. The Maharaja Rattan headboard is made in Indonesia under the supervision of KOK.

Overall dimensions: height 162 cm x width 182 cm x thickness 4 cm. Weight 8 kg. Delivered assembled. The Maharaja rattan headboard is suitable for 160 cm or 180 cm wide bedding. Height of the legs: 30 cm then minimum thickness of the mattress 20 cm. Height from floor to bottom of scrolls: 50 cm. Structure in natural rattan cane, covered with rattan splinters. Patterns in natural rattan.


The Maharadja rattan headboard, all in volutes

Our Maharaja rattan headboard features a finely crafted pattern of rattan ply and rattan splinters woven into delicate scrolls and ligatures. The steam-bent rattan ply is used to make the many spirals that adorn the Maharaja rattan headboard. Airy and oriental in inspiration, the Maharaja rattan headboard is reminiscent of the spirit of Emmanuelle's rattan armchairs. Differences in colour between the spiral patterns, some weaves and the rest of the headboard are normal. This is due to the fact that the rattan pith used for the former always comes out lighter than the rattan with its bark.

The Volutes rattan headboard in practice

Our Maharaja rattan headboard is available in one size that fits beds 160 cm wide, with a small 10 cm overhang on each side, or 180 cm wide. In the latter case the bedding will be flush with the outer edge of the headboard. The Maharaja Rattan headboard is placed just against a wall, it is not designed to be fixed to the wall or to the frame of a bed base. The Maharaja Rattan headboard requires very little maintenance, as the rattan bark protects it naturally. Dust with a damp cloth or feather duster from time to time. The finely woven patterns make the Maharaja rattan headboard a model for people who know how to take care of it. They are not designed to withstand the claws of cats or boisterous children.