Our DRIFT and VAGUE collections are exclusively made out of recovered teak. Indonesian houses were traditionally made of teak, which is the local hard wood. It is solid, naturally resistant to humidity and earthquakes that are quite frequent in this region. It is used everywhere : framework, windows and doors frames, floors and partitions... or rather WAS used everywhere.

The rising Indonesian middle class does not want to build traditional houses anymore. They want (and developers too) some kind of "modernity" and it comes with concrete, tiling and air con. Thousands and thousands of old local architecture houses were destroyed. 

Luckily, the material is not lost. Indonesians used this very strong, solid and already cut wood that just laid there when the lack of "fresh" teak (from plantation) arose. A new industry of recovering and transforming this wood was born. They collect, sort, take off the nails, strip and cut all the wood that once was a door frame, beam or floorboard. The quality of the teak is so high, that its value often exceeds the plantations ones.

This is the teak KOK Maison uses for its furniture. A teck that tells a story, that does not come from deforestation and gives jobs to numerous people... but also a teak that might have so flaws or irregularities. We actually find that these irregularities are quite appealing, so we emphasize on it by brushing the teak.