wicker seats 

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Often confused with rattan, wicker is very different. It grows in our latitudes, everywhere in Europe where it is a little cool and there is a little moisture. Wicker is simply willow, harvested in thin, debarked strands. Each harvest is renewed annually, and requires almost no phytosanitary products, and no fertilizer. Local, natural and ecological, it is an excellent alternative to rattan, which also provides many hours of labour close to home, in Europe.

Wicker is a very strong fibre that often allows for self-supporting seat structures. Woven like a basket, a wicker seat only requires a very light structure, and some models do not require it at all. Natural, ecological and local, it is now taking a well-deserved revenge. Very fashionable at the turn of the 19th century, it was then gradually ousted by rattan and the globalisation of trade, but its unalterable charm and the current trend towards relocalisation are definitely bringing it back into the spotlight.

Here we offer various types of wicker chairs: chairs built on willow or hazelnut stick frames and then woven into wicker, or chairs entirely woven from fine wicker. Some models come with a matching wicker sofa, and the entire seating range can be complemented by matching wicker side tables.