Willow rocking chair without cushion

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The willow rocking chair

The willow rocking chair is one of the mythical retro products that can be found in flea markets, movie sets, and in good homes where the old-fashioned savoir-vivre is still in use. Its visual presence is enough to transform the atmosphere of an entire room, and it is nothing compared to the feeling of well-being you will get from rocking gently in a relaxed position. This willow rocking chair is quite imposing by its dimensions (see below), please allow plenty of room to install it. Its oversized base provides a wide range of sway that would be a shame to be restricted by a wall too close...

The willow rocking chair: technical data

Overall dimensions of the willow rocking chair: height 113 cm x width 60 cm x length 115 cm, seat at 42 cm, armrests at 63 cm high on the front, and at about 66 cm half way up the ramp. Weight 7.5 kg. Frame, netting, arches, weaving and binding: natural buff willow (no varnish or stain). The willow rocking chair is sold without cushions, the number of rods forming the seat being sufficient to ensure a good comfort as is. However, there is nothing to stop you from putting a plaid or a cosy blanket on your seat to make it more comfortable. The willow rocking chair is made in Europe, in a totally artisanal way.

The willow rocking chair: precautions for use

The willow rocking chair can be used in a veranda, in a winter garden, or outside in good weather and occasionally, but cannot be considered as garden furniture. It is not made to resist to bad weather, cold winter humidity, frost, or too long exposure to the sun. The Antonin willow rocking chair is hand-woven. Dimensional differences of 1 to 2 cm can be observed, no two are exactly alike.

Maintenance: dust with a damp cloth, avoid commercial cleaning products. In case of heavy soiling, clean with a sponge and Marseille soap. In summer, when it is dry, or in winter in an overheated room, the very low humidity level may cause small deformations of the structure. Do not try to rectify this, sometimes a little misting is all that is needed to restore it to its original state.