Bagatelle rattan trolley

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The Bagatelle rattan trolley in two words

The Bagatelle rattan trolley is emblematic of the French style of the Belle Epoque. Each model in this collection has its own design, its own line, as if it had been found individually, but is coordinated with the others by the choice of a common finish. Equipped with two solid plywood trays covered with rattan weaving, it is easy to move thanks to its 4 swivel castors.

A little history

At the turn of the last century, rattan experienced a golden age, as it was so easy to work with that lent itself to the scrolls, arabesques and entanglements that were the hallmark of the Art Nouveau style. The charm of afternoons under the arbour, walks in the botanical gardens and cafés on the main boulevards is now part of our French art of living. KOK MAISON, with its Bagatelle line, is now reissuing the furniture that goes with it. This rattan trolley is not an exact replica of a period model, but is freely inspired by the characteristic lines of "art nouveau" rattan.

Features and options

Overall dimensions: height 91 x width 66 x length 46 cm. Weight 11 kg. Natural dark unbleached rattan structure, thick plywood tops covered with patinated rattan splinters and HDPE resin nets (red parts). Satin water-based varnish. 4 swivel nylon castors, supplied separately but ready to be clipped on. Made in Indonesia.