Willow plant stand

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The willow plant holder

This willow plant stand will allow you to show off your indoor plants, especially those that are falling. It requires a waterproof planter, as the wickerwork that forms the receptacle is openwork. Elegant and airy, this stand admirably exploits the capacity of willow to remain rigid while being flexible when braided. By cleverly criss-crossing the strands so that they stiffen the whole, very little can be used for the object to fulfil its function. The wide base ensures that the plant holder is stable. 100% natural, untreated debarked willow, handmade in Poland.

The willow plant holder in two sizes

The willow plant holder medium model: overall dimensions: diameter 33 cm (base) x height 69 cm, weight 550 g. Inner dimensions of the planter part: bottom diameter 15 cm, top diameter 21 cm, inner height of the basket 16 cm.

The willow plant holder large model: overall dimensions: diameter 40 cm (base of foot) x height 88 cm, weight 850 g. Inner dimensions of the plant stand: bottom diameter 18 cm, top diameter 24 cm, inner height of the basket 18 cm.

Maintenance of the willow plant stand

A willow basket is not really made to resist to bad weather, persistent humidity, frost or too long exposure to the sun. Also, each piece is woven by hand. Dimensional differences of 1 to 2 cm can be observed, no two are exactly alike.

Maintenance: dust with a soft brush, avoid commercial cleaning products. In the event of heavy soiling, you can exceptionally rinse with water and brush with Marseille soap.