willow display stand

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The willow tray display stand

This willow stand is a classic of Central European basketry, originally designed for shopkeepers to display all kinds of perishable and non-perishable goods. Dear grocers, chocolate makers, confectioners, cheese makers, greengrocers, etc... you are welcome. We thought that this superb work of weaving could also seduce a clientele of private individuals, managers of guest houses, as a fruit bowl, a basket of work, to enchant an aperitif, a brunch or a breakfast with all sorts of good things, no other limit than your imagination....

The willow stand, from 1 to 3 shelves

The willow stand is available in 3 versions: single shelf, double shelf and triple shelf. Made in Poland, 100% by hand, from natural debarked willow.

Single tray willow stand: overall dimensions: diameter 36 cm x height 25 cm, diameter of base 30 cm, weight 500 g. Possibility to store about 3g of fruits or vegetables (like apples or tomatoes)

Double tray willow stand: overall dimensions: diameter 36 cm x height 42 cm, weight 700 g. Diameter of the top shelf 26 cm, diameter of the base of the foot 30 cm. Possibility to store about 3kg of fruit or vegetables (such as apples or tomatoes) in the bottom shelf and 2kg in the top one

Triple tray willow stand: overall dimensions: diameter 48 cm x height 57 cm, weight 1250 g. Diameter of the middle shelf 36 cm, diameter of the top shelf 26 cm, diameter of the base 30 cm. This "Eiffel Tower" stand is impressive in its size and complexity of construction. If you have very small tables, beware, the object takes up space... But it will be ideal if you have a lot of things to display. You can store about 5 kg of fruit or vegetables in the bottom shelf, 3 kg in the middle shelf and 2 kg in the top shelf.

Maintenance of the willow display stand

A willow basket is not really made to resist to bad weather, persistent humidity, frost, or too long exposure to the sun. Also, each piece is woven by hand. Dimensional differences of 1 to 2 cm can be observed, no two are exactly alike.

Maintenance: dust with a soft brush, avoid commercial cleaning products. In the event of heavy soiling, you can exceptionally rinse with water and brush with Marseille soap.