Willow log basket with jute lining small

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The small leaf-shaped willow log basket

The leaf-shaped log basket is an essential part of traditional wickerwork. Its rounded shape and open sides allow it to hold large logs, even if they stick out. The seemingly simple construction is very robust and allows the basket to be loaded with weight. Your muscles will get tired faster than the basket... The model offered here is lined with a jute cloth on the inside, which will prevent small twigs and wood debris from falling through the basketry and spilling onto the floor.

Willow, rattan, what's the difference?

Rattan is a tropical plant (85% from Indonesia) related to the palm family that produces a "cane" that is easy to bend (steam). Rattan allows for tighter curves and finer weaves than willow, but being less rigid, it requires a heavier frame.

Willow grows easily throughout Europe. It does not require any plant protection products or fertilizer. The harvest is completely regenerated each year, so it is a very easily renewable resource. Peeled hot ("buff" willow with natural copper tones) or cold ("white" willow), it is most often presented untreated, the willow fibre leaving its smooth and satiny surface to appear "au naturel".

Characteristics and options

Overall dimensions: height 38 (with handle) x width 34 cm x length 54 cm. Weight 0.7 kg. Entirely woven from buff willow and lined with jute. Made in Europe.

A wicker basket is not really made to withstand bad weather, persistent humidity (do not leave it outside all winter), frost, or too long exposure to the sun. Also, each piece is hand-woven. Dimensional differences of 1 to 2 cm can be observed, no two are exactly the same.

Maintenance: dust with a soft brush, avoid commercial cleaning products. In the event of heavy soiling, you can exceptionally rinse under water and brush with Marseille soap.