Beige cushion for the Némo carver

79,00 €


The Beige cushion for the Némo carver in just a few words

The Némo outdoor carver is already very comfortable without a cushion, so imagine how it will feel with a garden cushion, perfectly designed to fit the shape of the chair. Visually, it finishes the armchair nicely, provides comfortable sitting and avoids having "marks" from the resin weave on your skin when you are wearing a bathing suit...


This cushion cover is completely removable by means of a full-width zipper and is filled with 30kg/m3 polyether foam. The 100% polypropylene fabric is designed for outdoor use: guaranteed anti-UV, anti-mould and washable in cold water. Its Beige tone T514 matches the Poivre colours of our outdoor resins. The foam is covered with a "slippery" mesh undercover that assists with an easy removal and replacement of the cover.

There is also a non-slip fabric which goes between the resin seat and the cushion, which will hold the latter when the armchair is tilted forward.

Customer fabric available for this product. Contact us for more information.