Boucle big rattan footstool

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The BOUCLE rattan footstool in just a few words

Inspired by the lines of the 50s and 60s, the BOUCLE collection in natural rattan is nevertheless a genuinely contemporary design. Maxence Boisseau and Nelson Alves, from the AT-ONCE studio, were given complete freedom to revisit the aesthetic codes of vintage rattan. Just like the wicker mannequins of yesteryear, the rattan craftsman curves each ""boucle"", or loop, by hand to place it at regular intervals and create a profile. This rattan footstool is so comfortable that it can be used without a cushion.


Overall dimensions: height 36 x width 77 x depth 45. Weight 3.5 kg. Structure in semi-polished rattan. Loops in natural rattan. Indonesian manufacture.