Peacock chair Pomaré

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A little bit of history

Before it gained worldwide fame with the release of the eponymous film, the Emmanuelle (Peacock) rattan armchair was originally a Polynesian throne (the so-called "Pomaré" chair), hence its imposing, spectacular, and radically exotic side! Wickedly photogenic, it's interesting to note that it was also used in many other films, prior to Emmanuelle (since 1931), but it seems that it left less of a mark on people's minds, for whatever reason... ;)

The Peacock armchair Pomaré in just a few words

KOK MAISON has, nevertheless, decided to restore all its original majesty, without compromising on dimensions, finishes or quality. The opulence and refinement of rattan lace weaves, the size and the volume and the diameter of the base, for improved stability. The model offered here is made with the Pomare pattern, (openwork peacock feathers), quite close to the Polynesian originals or the Seychelles.


Overall dimensions: height 154 x width 110 x depth 70, seat height 42 cm. Weight 7 kg. Frame in rattan, woven in split rattan. Satin water-based varnish. Made in Indonesia.