Optional cushion for the Mary Lloyd Loom carver

65,00 €


The cushion for the Mary carver in just a few words

The Mary Lloyd Loom carver is already very comfortable without a cushion, so imagine how comfortable it will be with a cushion, perfectly designed to fit the shape of the chair. Visually, it enhances the chair, and provides additional comfort.


This cushion is completely removable by means of a full-width zipper, and is filled with 30kg/m3 polyether foam. The 100% polypropylene fabric is designed for outdoor use: guaranteed anti-UV, anti-mould and washable in cold water. No problem therefore for use on a veranda, or for a holiday home that is slightly damp in the winter. The foam is covered with a "slippery" mesh undercover that assists with easy removal and replacement of the cover.