Coil of rattan core 500g

15,00 €


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Follow Marie Claire's instructions and make your own mirrors!
To make these mirrors, we can supply you with the round rattan core, diameter 3 MM, in a hank of 500 grs.

How to make it

SOAK the rattan in water for at least 1 hour (in the bath, for example) to make it soft, malleable and bend without breaking. To get the very straight sticks you need, dry it with a weight attached, to stretch it.

PAINT all your creations when the finished pieces are perfectly dry.

Example of the large frame with the circles: FORM 17 circles for the border: wrap each fine rattan rod while it is still wet onto cylinders of 3 different sizes. Let them dry and fix them with glue. Cut the rattan to obtain identical open circles. DRAW a circle with a diameter of 40 cm on the back of a disk of cardboard with a diameter of 42 cm. STICK the rattan circles using a glue gun on the reverse side, all around on the 1 cm border, starting with the largest ones, then the smallest ones inside. Turn the assembly over, stick 1 thick rattan rod on the edge of the cardboard, then 2 others against each other on the edge.

2.5 mm and 2 mm diameters now available.