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The brand new, warm Végas synthetic rope weave ushers in a new era of woven garden furniture at KOK!   

Plaited cord, a new way of looking at garden furniture

After woven resin, synthetic fabrics and “all-metal”, here is a brand new material for garden furniture: plaited synthetic cord. It took years for the design studios to manage to reconcile the technical qualities of polypropylene with the almost natural appearance of the fibre. Synthetic cord is well anchored in its time. It reflects the rise of Asian (Indonesian) industry, with a welcome increase in labour costs as a result. The material is, therefore, more expensive than a conventional resin, but this extra cost is compensated for by the greater speed with which it can be processed. Lastly, aesthetically, plaited cord will give your garden furniture a more airy, more natural line, which is entirely in line with current market trends.

Végas plaited cord, comfortable in the garden as well as indoors

The very soft texture of the cord, a mix of beige tones enhanced with bluish threads, and the particular care that KOK has taken, as it should, with the ergonomics and comfort of its garden seats, will allow you to use your Végas living room indoors without your guests realising that it is originally outdoor furniture. If you live by the sea, with very salty and corrosive air, or have a second home in the country with periods when the house remains closed in the cold and damp, you will appreciate the “outdoor” resilience of the Végas series, even for your interior. Easy to maintain, light and practical to move thanks to a handgrip across the entire width of the backrest, Végas plaited cord garden furniture is very easy to live with. All cushions are removable, the covers are washable in cold water, and there is no special care required other than rinsing them with soapy water from time to time.

Végas plaited cord, comfort and modular solutions

With its strapped seats, thick and numerous cushions, the Végas suite creates a genuinely relaxed sitting area. Compact and elegant, composed of an armchair, a 2-seater sofa and a 3-seater sofa, not to mention the dining carver that can be used as a small armchair, the Végas suite is suitable for any space, even the smallest. It matches the Sienna tables in Blanc fumée. It’s the same for the dining room set, strapped seating also on the chair, back cushion for the carver, to be combined with the 220 x 100 cm Sienna table in Blanc fumée, or the 70 x 70 pedestal table, also in Blanc fumée.