Two-tone Tobago

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Slender and non-conformist, the Tobago synthetic resin garden chair collection is captivatingly casual and upbeat.

Tobago woven resin garden chairs are (very) easy to live with

Stackable, very stackable even, thanks to their slightly offset back legs on the sides of the seat, our Tobago occasional chairs, chairs and carvers can be stored in a minimum of space in winter. Designed to be used without cushions, that’s one less thing (not to mention less budget) to worry about. By taking advantage of the natural softness of the resin weave and the slightly curved design of the seats and backrests, they still offer excellent comfort. Dust, dead leaves and dirt of all kinds can be easily removed with a sponge or a hose. Tobago garden chairs are very light and can be moved easily and picked up with one hand. As there is no actual sofa, but rather a bench seat, you can move your seating from one place to another depending on where you want to chat. They can also be used indoors as an occasional chair, on a veranda, or on a balcony.

Tobago synthetic rattan garden furniture for a new take on outdoors

Tobago resolutely takes the opposite approach to that usually found in garden furniture. Instead of highly geometric designer shapes, Tobago offers a range with a vintage feel and understated curved lines. No huge dimensions here, no huge cushions: Tobago is garden furniture that doesn’t try to look like indoor furniture. Its “outdoor” vocation is also clearly asserted by the choice of colours: a chic off-white background that is always easy on the eye, combined with a very dark chocolate tone (but not black) and a sunny yellow full of joy and good humour. Be brave and mix the two colours, they go very well together. Leave Tobago garden furniture outside all year round without any worries. A simple wash with a hose is all that is needed. Compact, mobile and casual, Tobago resin seating lives with the times.

4 shapes, 3 colours

Sitting at table height, with or without armrests on the chair and carver, seated at living room height on the settee and the bench, Tobago users can say goodbye to the idea of furniture that cannot be moved. They move their chair around as they please, to hold a conversation face-to-face or to form small groups of three or four seats in a circle around a Sienna table. The entire Sienna collection in powder-coated aluminium in blanc fumée is available in the same colourways as the Tobago chair frames in Jaune or Marron foncé.