Teak furniture 

A choice of tables, sideboards, chests of drawers, mirrors and shelves in solid brushed and recycled teak

Recycled teak tables and coffee tables

Our recycled teak tables are contemporary in their inspiration while highlighting the warmth and unique grain of natural teak. Large, square or rectangular and built from thick, straight sections, they are fitted with legs that do not interfere with the placement of the guests all around: the Drift range has its legs at the corners. Apart from our Drift teak coffee tables, which are delivered assembled, all other tables are delivered with the legs removed. Assembly is straightforward with a key, but given the weight of these sizeable solid teak tables, it is best to have two people turn it over and put it in place. Our tables match perfectly with all the teak furniture from the same collection, as well as all the KOK rattan chairs for indoor use, and our synthetic rattan chairs for use outside. Some of our teak dining tables, the Roma and Family tables, are intended for outdoor use. The screws used to assemble them are made of brass, instead of steel, and the top boards are disjointed. This allows the wood to move slightly and react better to differences in humidity and temperature. Left unprotected outside, they will take on a grey colour that will become uniform in one or two seasons.

Sideboards and TV cabinets in recycled teak

Our sideboards and TV cabinets are fully assembled in solid teak, including the bottoms of the drawers. They can be used alone or to complement our teak tables. To prevent the panels from warping, each door is reinforced with a thick inner slat, and each drawer is fitted with metal runners with ball bearings. These are relatively heavy pieces of furniture, a constraint that must be taken into account during delivery. If you are not on the ground floor, consider choosing the extra “delivery to your floor” option, which will be provided by two delivery people. Our standard delivery is indeed “to the ground floor”, and if your lift is too small or you are alone, you risk a memorable nightmare...

Chest of drawers, headboard, desk in recycled teak

Teak is for the bedroom, too. For a mountain eco-lodge feel, or if you feel the need for the warmth of natural wood to accompany your slumbers, our brushed recycled teak especially highlights the exceptional grain of raw teak. Our solid (to say the least) teak headboard matches its bedside table, a dressing table and a three-drawer chest of drawers in the same finish. Finally, we offer a series of teak shelves of different heights that can be combined, and which will fit just as easily in a bedroom, entrance hall or bathroom, or in a living room to build up a library.