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This section will allow you to find your KOK rattan furniture, not by collection, but by type of product: armchair, sofa, additional cushion, etc.

Armchairs, sofas and chairs in rattan for all purposes

The lightness and elegant line of a KOK indoor rattan seat allow you to move it easily from one room in the house to another. A rattan veranda seat can be used as an occasional chair in the living room, bedroom, hallway and even outdoors, so long as it is not exposed directly to the weather. Conversely, our outdoor rattan chairs, made of synthetic resin and purposely designed for use as garden furniture, can be used indoors. Sophisticated and luxurious, they really are not “plastic” making them even more suitable for use indoors. Ideal for a second home which can be very damp when it is uninhabited in winter, or for a restaurant which will be able to clean its indoor chairs with a hose.

Recycled teak furniture, the natural companion of the rattan seat

Apart from a few small indoor or outdoor rattan tables, there is nothing like a beautiful piece of exotic wood to give stability and presence to a large coffee table or a good dining table. Since they grow in the same geographical areas, teak and rattan are two materials that complement each other beautifully: one with its substantial mass and straight lines, and the other with its lightness and curves, yet which can still be mixed and matched. Discover our selection of coffee tables and dining tables in recycled teak, with their matching furniture: teak sideboard, teak chest of drawers or teak headboard and teak bedside table. Our teak is entirely recycled, that is to say, it comes from reclaimed timber, not from trees cut down in the forest.

All the spare parts for our rattan furniture

An old company like KOK that has been around for generations knows very well that manufacturing means it is bound to receive requests for spare parts long after the first purchase. Some customers come back to us, forty years later, to replace a seat strap, a tired cushion, or to refresh a rattan armchair with a new coat of varnish. Similarly, a rattan coffee table will outlive its glass top, which is more fragile, naturally. We cannot guarantee that we will find THE part you need at any precise moment, but we will do our utmost to find a solution and extend the life of your KOK rattan furniture.