Tobago carver in Marron foncé

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The Tobago carver in Marron foncé in just a few words

Comfortable, relaxed and easy to live with, Tobago outdoor seats have been woven into chequered patterns in two colours of resin to give them either a very contemporary look (dark brown/off-white combination - Marron foncé / Blanc cassé) or ultra sunny (yellow/off-white combination - Jaune/Blanc cassé), in a very poolside style. It isn’t forbidden, in fact it’s even advisable to mix the two...

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All Tobago seats are perfectly stackable and take up very little space when stored. Very comfortable as they are, there is no optional cushion.

Extremely lightweight because of their aluminium frame and the fineness of the weaving, our resin products are easy to move, so you can follow the shade or the sun in the garden, or bring them indoors in the winter. For many users, for whom moving furniture easily is crucial (restaurants, the elderly for example), this is their number one favourite choice for indoor furniture.


Tobago carver in outdoor resin in Marron foncé and Blanc cassé colours.

Overall dimensions: height 84 x width 57 x depth 59, seat 46 cm, seat width 43cm, seat depth 40cm, armrests 67 cm. Powder-coated aluminium frame, HDPE resin weave. Indonesian manufacture.

Resistant to adverse weather conditions: rain, snow, sun, sea salt, and even swimming pool chlorine, our synthetic resin collection has been designed for outdoor use: HDPE (high density polyethylene) resin treated against UV, and guaranteed between -15°C and +55°C, and a powder-coated aluminium frame.

In terms of maintenance, nothing could be easier: a little dusting of the frames from time to time and at the beginning of the season, wipe with soapy water or Karcher wash gently.